Linnorm Tsar

The Adventure Begins


The characters are hired by Cnut Corianson with promise of payment in pearls to follow Vortigern the Black Eagle, who has killed Cnut’s father and stolen Corian’s Runecarver, a magical item of some power, and recover the Runecarver. Cnut believes that Vortigern is heading to Stoneheart Valley, where he suspects Vortigern has either arranged to sell the Runecarver, or Vortigern may be intending to fortify himself and begin using the Runecarver himself.

March 1: The party sets forth from Jol. Though it is spring, and the lands within a day of the city are all cultivated, with tiny thorpes every couple of hours, the continuing snows have kept the planting season to begin in earnest. A full day’s walk from Jol there is a small village, and the characters spend the night in the steading.

March 2: Within a few hours walk today, the characters are in the wilderness, and the condition of the road deteriorates sharply. King Opir Eightfingers doesn’t seem to be spending the coin he is taking in taxes to maintain the Kingdom. Snow again in the afternoon, and the cold clings. A watch schedule was established, and Content Not Found: tryggr and his hirelings began carrying out his nightly preparation of digging a trench – one shovelful wide and one shovelful deep – around the camp, to potentially trip any night attackers.

March 3: Snow again in the afternoon. If Cnut is wrong about Vortigern’s intended destination, then he is gone – because tracking him through falling snow proves to be an impossibility. He is too far ahead, and whatever tracks he was leaving are completely covered by the fresh snowfall.

March 4: Just before dawn, the characters first encounter in the wilderness occurs. Seven goblins, blue skinned and lightly clothed, attacked the party just before dawn. Content Not Found: caltan_ was on watch, and the power of Odin amplified the alarm he rung out, so the party reacted quickly, and the goblin attack was ended before any of the chargers were ever able to enter the camp. _Content Not Found: tryggr showed no mercy to the goblins, forcing one that was fleeing to a magically compelled duel. Tryggr, bare chested, threw down his sword and beat the goblin to death with his own hands. His bravado was not without danger; he took a deep spear wound and nearly fell himself. The characters collected the goblin’s weapons: some spears and javelins and a few shortbows, as well as a few handfuls of copper and silver coins.

March 5: The snow continues to fall in the afternoons, and the night is interrupted once more. This time, in the middle of the night, two Leucrattas attempt to make the party their prey, but quick thinking by Rochal Skonlin forced the one who had a boy as a hostage to magically flee – just long enough for the boy to quickly hide. The other tore into the camp, first felling Rochal, then Caltan, and finally Tryggr. Cnut and Tryggr’s henchmen proved brave, staunching the bleeding and getting the three who had fallen back into the fight. Friðar Rockhurler proved himself to be a heavy sleeper – combat was well underway before he was finally roused. He also proved himself thus far forgiving, as he even in the midst of a rage did not turn on Cnut when a firebolt spell went wide, and struck the dwarven barbarian. Thoughout the fight, Himo Meliamne kept the Leucratta that had been forced to flee tied up in a cat and mouse game of deception in the woods. This allowed the part to fight the beasts one at a time rather than together, which many involved feel kept the encounter from turning disastrous. When the leucrattas fell, the game came to a close as Friðar began to skin them, as their hides bristled with hairs as strong as iron, and the rest of the party turned their attention to the boy that was their hostage.

March 6: After hearing the story of Gunnar (the boy we rescued); we head Northeast to try and find what razed his village. After tracking a band of orcas to know what direction they were heading, we returned to the road and continued our journey. Once we arrived in Stoneheart Valley, we met the new Warden and got an overnight introduction to the notable inhabitants of the valley during a night of epic dwarf drinking. The next morning we continued on to the village of Fairhill. After talking to numerous people within town, we had narrowed the potential location of the Vortigern the Black Eagle to the Great house serving as an inn for humans and very select Demi-humans.

March 6 – part 2
Tryggr Ulfhvatrson stormed into the inn with Cnut Corianson and Colborn Heilige der Odin and immediately accuse Vortigern the Black Eagle of murder, theft, and various other ill deeds. Vortigern began to cast what seemed to be a necromantic spell, which Ingrid Baldersdottir took exception to that and cast a spell revealing Vortigern’s eagle familiar to be an Imp. Tryggr stepped forward and smote Vortigern with a mighty punch, laying him prone and producing a loud thunderclap of rebuke. The fight continued from there, with Tryggr taking a large amount of cold damage as well as being blinded. After a number of rounds of combat, the Imp was dispatched by Rochal Skonlin‘s Dissonant Whispers. Shandril the Widow restored Tryggr’s sight and told the group of the existence of the Monastery of Standing Stones.


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