The Linnorm/Tsar Saga

In this three arc Fifth Edition campaign, the characters will take the role of D&D vikings. For the first third of the campaign, they will be adventuring in the Land of Linnorm Kings (fantasy Scandinavia), where they will learn of a great threat posed by the return of Baba Yaga. The second third of the campaign will take place in Irrisen (fantasy Russia), and they journey to deal with Baba Yaga’s return to Golarion (that is, fantasy Europe. Those of you who will quibble that Golarion has more than just Europe, shush). The final third of the campaign will be a combination dungeon crawl/extra-planar exploration within Baba Yaga’s hut.

The campaign will make strong use of a modified Stoneheart Valley and Slumbering City of Tsar campaign settings, as well as the D&D 5e Core Ruleboks, and the Pathfinder Lands of the Linnorm Kings and Irrisen setting sourcebooks.