Linnorm Tsar

The Fall of Tryggr

After a great final battle to clear the fallen temple of Tyr, a hero has gone to Valhalla. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson has left us, to feast with the AllFather, and wait for the final battle. Our group had withdrawn from the temple to rest and plan, and had headed back in for a final push to remove the necromancer from the depths of the temple. Upon reaching the stairwell down, Skald Fendralsdottir scouted into the area of darkness, to find what might have been hiding along the walls outside my sight. Ingrid Baldersdottir once again cleansed the spells from the foot of the stairs, revealing an orc within a magic-nullifying sphere, and an undead Wight waiting for us to approach. Our fighters moved to deal with the orc, and Skald engaged the Wight in combat. Both were quickly dispatched, despite Skald being drained of some of her health. Himo Meliamne took up the drum the orc had been carrying, after an alarm had been sounded, and began beating a recall signal. Ingrid Baldersdottir was able to restore Skald to health, and all seemed under control, when a pack of wargs and a grandmaster came into view, called by the initial drum alarm. Ingrid Baldersdottir again took command of the situation, and called forth a fireball to smite the pack. While doing grave damage to those foes, it alerted others in the cavern that all was not well, despite the drum’s current beating. A number of orc champions approached, and our situation seemed dire. However, judicious casting, mighty weapon-work, and cunning division of forces allowed us to avoid being overwhelmed. As the battle was coming under control once again, a huge chimera descended and threatened the party. A heroic stand among Skald Fendralsdottir, Tryggr Ulfhvatrson, FriĆ°ar Rockhurlerand Wulfir slew the fell beast within seconds of its appearance. That feat caused a pause among our enemies, enabling the party to retreat while Tryggr Ulfhvatrson opened the box from the priest tombs marked danger The resulting explosion wounded a number of foes and our brave Paladin, but allowed the group to consolidate in a better position. Right then, the Necromancer appeared in our midst and attacked Ingrid Baldersdottir as the gorgon which had escaped us earlier closed and loosed its paralyzing breath. Along with the Necromancer, an orc Warchief had entered the fray and all was looking dark for our brave band. Quick coordination and mighty attacks with weapons and spells sealed the doom for the monsters, but not before the Warchief in a final act, exerted himself fully to deal fatal wounds and a deathblow to valiant Tryggr. Greatly shall we miss him, but we rest assured he is content amongst the Einherjar until the end of days.


artemisalpha Rochal_Skonlin

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