Linnorm Tsar

Down, down to Goblin town

Temple clearing - Thor and Tyr

Day 1 – part two

After finding out about the Wight, the newly expanded party moved to where it was laired. Skald Fendralsdottir was able to befriend the giant spider in one of the tunnels, and thus ensure that we had a safe path to the undead creature. A clear plan of attack and the turn undead power of Wulfir, our new cleric after Colborn Heilige der Odin was taken by Thor, meant that what could have been a very dangerous fight was a one-sided slaughter. Resting in the lair allowed us to completely loot the area, recovering a vast amount of wealth and a sword of building, which seems to be tied to various element is the temple. Skald argued for continuing through the complex to see what the sword might unlock. Heading further on, we found a row of cloaks on a huge wall of pegs, and Skald and myself took two cloaks to see what lay ahead. We discovered a clock-work minataur and a partially completed corridor, which I deliberately collapsed so it didn’t pose a threat to the party. The noise alerted the rest of the group who moved up to see what had happened. That caused the minataur to attack the members not wearing cloaks. The group was able to defeat the beast, but the additional time and commotion drew the attention of a number of ice goblins and dark dwarves. A pitched battle ensued, wherein almost the entire area was engulfed in dwarven fire. Additionally, the duegar brought a “thunder cannon”, a large stone tube which turns out shoots.lightning when the correct cadence is drummed on the end. Incorrect playing seems to have some random effects, such as causing Skald to grow, and Friðar Rockhurler to fly. Having defeated the ice goblins and duegar, the group went to rest and gather more information from the MountainHead.

Day Two

In further talks with the MountainHead, a small room full of runes appears to be a sort of “elevator” that connects to everywhere on the World Tree. After confirming how to deactivate the room (the dark dwarves used to do come I to the temple complex), we headed towards the sword Trygger is searching for. Along the way, we found a secret the sword of building Skald has would unlock. Inside was a mechanical dwarven warrior, who seemed to respond to simple commands, but was eager to attack “outsiders” After demonstrating that the group were all dwarf-friends, we alerted it to a room full of ice goblins around the corner, and sent it on its way. During the ensuing chaos, our group attacked and destroyed an “infirmary” for the ice goblins, and are moving further in towards the greatsword.

Rounding a corner of the corridor, we saw a large contingent of ice goblins and Trygger and Fridar waded into melee. An unseen voice chanted a spell, and the range part of the party was hit with an ice blast, which dropped three of our elf companions. My reflexive attack to being harmed meant that I saw the flickering outline of an invisible, flying goblin. As the fighters swiftly dealt with the goblin band, the ranged members healed our fallen comrades and continued the goblin attrition. A second ice blast dropped Trygger, Skald, and I, but revealed where the goblin caster had gone. Ingrid dispelled the goblin’s flight, which brought a puff of snow and a groan to locate him. A few Eldrich blasts and a nightly flurry of attacks from Fridar dispatched the caster and finally ended his invisibility spell. The rest of the band was quickly killed, and the group gathered weapons and other materials before falling back to rest in Natasha’s sanctuary. There we made plans for the five undead Gorgons Trygger had sensed behind a large ice wall. Gathering more information from Natasha, we developed a plan of attack for the Gorgons and the likely horde of other undead that could accompany them. The small hallway leading from the kitchens was blocked, and a line of rubble was strewn along the major corridor to funnel the attackers together. Among the debris, we hid a number of pots of dwarves fire to provide an area denial effect. The group also stationed the Thundercannon at the far end of the passage, to better hit the greatest number of enemies. Just as the first round of construction was complete, the ice wall shattered under the attack of the undead and battle was joined. Our preparations paid off with interest, as we were able to kill a large number of skeletons and zombies, as well as a Gorgon; before the attacking group retreated. We now put out our fires and pursue.

After suppressing the dwarven fire with Wulfir’s Sleet storm, we chased towards the retreating undead. However, the difficulties of the ice meant that the enemy was ready before we could press our advantage. As we neared the corner of the corridor, one of the gorgons rounded the bend and caught Friðar Rockhurler, Skald Fendralsdottir, and her familiar with its breath attack. Friday and Skald were able to ward off the effects, but the lynx alas succumbed to the horrible attack and was turned to stone. A number of spells were cast at the band of undead brave enough to challenge our party, and massive damage was wrought for the loss of the cat. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson and Dayg charged into melee with the remaining monsters, and the rest of the group hurried in support. Battle ensued, and though Dayg was sent back to Valhalla (a fairly regular occurrence it seems), the rest of the party emerged fairly unharmed – despite another breath attack from the gorgons. Additional Shatters and another discharge of the ThunderCannon served to deplete the undead ranks and our band was victorious. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson retrieved his desired greatsword, after triggering and resisting a final trap, and finding a number of statues which we plan to rescue and restore to life. While healing wounds and burning the undead, Ingrid Baldersdottir and myself investigated a downward stairwell and she dispelled a number of wards I discovered. Each banishing of a ward was met with the sounding of a horn, and soon a rush of approaching boots was heard. Deciding the retreat was the best course after our battle, we left the temple after a brief conversation with the mountainhead revealed a large band of orcs were responding to the horns. After getting the peg settings to set the “elevator” for Stoneheart Keep, the group departed to rest and plan for the next phase of our assault. The next morning showed a number of changes, mainly that orcs seemed to control the entrance to both temples, and are working to fortify their positions. This situation cannot be allowed, and thus day two will bring our wrath upon the vile and occupying orc forces.


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