Linnorm Tsar

Cleanup and payment

The loss of Tryggr Ulfhvatrson continues to hurt, but at least we have confirmation that he is content in Valhalla. I contacted Jarl Warmshield and let her know that the temples and fortress underneath have been cleared. She is coming with a contingent of soldiers and supplies as well as more compact currency than our huge pile of coins. In exploring the rest of the large cavern the final battle occurred in, the group found a number of altars that needed cleansing, and an orc breeding ground that Ingrid Baldersdottir blessed. That was the easy part. The more difficult aspect were the three blinded Not in shamenesses chained in the lake, forced to serve the orc necromancer. After extended conversation, we freed the shaken, and offered to lead them back to their village. During the conversation we found out about additional threats within the fortress complex. “The creature that could not be controlled” was behind numerous wards off in a side cave, “The spawn of ”/characters/calthraxus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Calthraxus (SoC) is on the other side of a dimensional rift, that also holds the Archmage that Natasha needs to defeat, as well as “The Spawn of Loki” (SoL) underneath the lake within the cavern. We received information on the DoC that lightning strengthens it, it has a phenomenal regeneration rate, but “pots of molten silver” will interrupt the regeneration and hopefully allow us to defeat it. After getting this information, we let the women rest, and began the journey north to the giant village. Once there, we found the mayor’s son from Fairhill, and got a letter confirming he is happily married and quite content with his life. Much feasting and boasting was done, and a tenuous peace between the village, the dwarven fortress, and our group was arranged. Afterwards, we trekked back to the temple to meet the Jarl. She offered us thaneship of the far side of the valley, and charged us with taming the wilderness if we accept. However, as tempting as that offer was, the group seems to feel that the safety of the entire realm is of.more importance, and working to bring back Spring is the paramount concern. The vast furnishings of the temple were credited to our band, and the Jarl offered many things in trade. Himo Meliamne negotiated for a wilderness preserve within the Valley, Skald Fendralsdottir desires advanced fieldwork, FriĆ°ar Rockhurler’s reward is being mostly postponed until his mental taint can be removed. I donated my share to the betterment of the residents of Stoneheart Valley, as I have no real use for vast wealth, and only truly desire to know anything I may learn. Ingrid Baldersdottir and Wulfir are still debating their reward. In the meantime, we found a battle-hardened dwarf that volunteered to come with us to clear the “creature” behind the wards.
Very powerful wards kept this “thing” contained, and we soon learned why. As soon as it saw our group, it began casting some sort of spell, which I was able to interrupt. The creature seemed to be some sort of bone demon, and proved to be highly resistant to our weapons, and very tough to damage with spells. Fortunately, we were able to.defeat it, but not without grave injuries to a number of our band, including our volunteer. More research and planning will be needed if we are to be successful against the more powerful threats still within the fortress.


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