Tryggr Ulfhvatrson

Noble headstrong Paladin of Odin


Paladin of Odin 4
Human 6’3" 230lbs

STR 20
DEX 10
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 14
CHA 14

Prof. Bonus +2
AC 16
Init +0
Spd. 30ft

Max HP 37


Animal Handling

Tryggr’s newfound devotion to Odin sometimes conflicts with his noble upbringing, but he is determined to follow the path he has chosen.

Tryggr values forthrightness and boldness. He is slow to learn the ways of deception and subterfuge, although he knows that good followers of the Allfather are skilled in all paths to victory.

Tryggr must seek out worthy goals with worthy challenges, ones that gain him wisdom and power. He will pay any cost to achieve such a goal.

Tryggr seeks his own place in the world, and as such, promotes himself whenever possible, never content to remain in the shadows. However, he learned from his family that the key to true victory lies in creating friendship and allies wherever possible, and so talks up those with him just as much as he does himself.

Tryggr may sacrifice all of himself for greater power, but must protect those loyal to him along the way.

Tryggr has turned his back on home life, but remains loyal to his family. If they call, he will come.

Tryggr will never willingly back down from a foe greater than himself, nor will he attack lesser foes without putting himself at a disadvantage.

Tryggr is gracious in defeat, but being continuously outshined grates on him and drives him to more and more extreme measures to stand out.

Tryggr has three hirelings that are sworn to his family: Oleg Snorrason the soldier, Gef Stijnen the acolyte, and Timoshkin Ustinov the spy


Tryggr is the 7th child and 6th son of jarl Ulfhvatr Sigurdson of Asleifar. The youngest child and last in line for any sort of inheritance, he has worked to distinguish himself in a number of ways: on the field of battle, in fishing, in weaponsmithing, in competitions of sport, and, in one hilarious yet tragic phase, in poetry. While obtaining some measure of success in each of these, his accomplishments were always outshined by those of his elder siblings in the same fields. Despite his good relations with not only his family, but the populace of his father’s jarldom, he longed to achieve something that would make him stand on his own in his father’s eyes.

And so he turned his back on home and set out in search of his fame and fortune, taking little with him except his sword, his mail, and three loyal members of his father’s house who came with him for their own reasons. Not long after setting out, he encountered an old man beset by wild beasts on the open road.

His noble upbringing shining strong, he charged in and saved the old man, driving off the beasts. The old man was grateful and asked Tryggr what could be offered as thanks. Tryggr asked him if he knew how a man might make his name in the world. The old man responded that to the east lies a temple of Odin, where those willing to put everything on the line may find greatness.

Tryggr sought this temple, and after a testing, the keepers of the temple offered to train him as a Paladin of the Allfather.

Once his training was complete, Tryggr set out with a visiting priest, Colburn, in search of his first adventure…

Tryggr Ulfhvatrson

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