Rochal Skonlin

Twisted Librarian


Str – 8. Cantrips
Dex – 16 Eldritch Blast. Chill Touch
Con – 10. Mage Hand
Int – 15
Wis – 12. Spells. Spell Attack bonus = 7
Chr – 18 Dissonant Whispers. Shatter
AC – 16. Hellish Rebuke. Mirror Image
Hex Counterspell

Init – 3 Invocations. Pact the Blade
Speed – 30. Agonizing Blast Devil’s Sight
Eyes of the Rune Keeper
HP – 28
Spell Save vs= 15
Acrobatics – 3 Medicine – 1
Animal Handle – 1 Nature – 2
Arcana – 5 Perception – 4
Athletics – (-1) Performance – 4
Deception – 7 Religion – 2
History – 5 Sleight of Hand – 6
Insight – 1 Stealth – 3
Intimidation – 4 Survival – 1
Investigation – 5 Persuasion – 7


Personality – Used to helping those not as smart as I am, and patiently explain any and everything

Ideal – The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge

Bond – I sold my soul for knowledge. I hope to do great deeds and win it back.

Flaw – Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization.

While re-copying decaying texts brought in from a decaying manor, I found a series of loose pages written in a strange ink, in a different hand from the rest of the keeps papers. After spending numerous nights sorting and ordering the different vellum scraps, I found that there were hidden sigils and runes within the borders and the artwork. These odd markings could be arranged, overlaid, and shaped to portray a number of different meanings. While puzzling the runes aloud during a thunderstorm, I heard a faint voice correcting my pronunciation. That lead to an extended conversation that I only remember parts of. However, in the morning – I found a new sigil burned into the top of my walking staff. Shortly thereafter, a pack of wolves was defending on the goat I keep, and during the fight the staff broke. However, the newly shortened staff felt better and at the conclusion of the fight, the words of an unknown chant sprang forth, and a stream of power flowed forth to kill the pack leader and scatter the pack. Thus began my quest to understand the rest of the runes and discover additional abilities the the hidden characters might contain.

Rochal Skonlin

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