Linnorm Tsar

Cleanup and payment

The loss of Tryggr Ulfhvatrson continues to hurt, but at least we have confirmation that he is content in Valhalla. I contacted Jarl Warmshield and let her know that the temples and fortress underneath have been cleared. She is coming with a contingent of soldiers and supplies as well as more compact currency than our huge pile of coins. In exploring the rest of the large cavern the final battle occurred in, the group found a number of altars that needed cleansing, and an orc breeding ground that Ingrid Baldersdottir blessed. That was the easy part. The more difficult aspect were the three blinded Not in shamenesses chained in the lake, forced to serve the orc necromancer. After extended conversation, we freed the shaken, and offered to lead them back to their village. During the conversation we found out about additional threats within the fortress complex. “The creature that could not be controlled” was behind numerous wards off in a side cave, “The spawn of ”/characters/calthraxus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Calthraxus (SoC) is on the other side of a dimensional rift, that also holds the Archmage that Natasha needs to defeat, as well as “The Spawn of Loki” (SoL) underneath the lake within the cavern. We received information on the DoC that lightning strengthens it, it has a phenomenal regeneration rate, but “pots of molten silver” will interrupt the regeneration and hopefully allow us to defeat it. After getting this information, we let the women rest, and began the journey north to the giant village. Once there, we found the mayor’s son from Fairhill, and got a letter confirming he is happily married and quite content with his life. Much feasting and boasting was done, and a tenuous peace between the village, the dwarven fortress, and our group was arranged. Afterwards, we trekked back to the temple to meet the Jarl. She offered us thaneship of the far side of the valley, and charged us with taming the wilderness if we accept. However, as tempting as that offer was, the group seems to feel that the safety of the entire realm is of.more importance, and working to bring back Spring is the paramount concern. The vast furnishings of the temple were credited to our band, and the Jarl offered many things in trade. Himo Meliamne negotiated for a wilderness preserve within the Valley, Skald Fendralsdottir desires advanced fieldwork, Friðar Rockhurler’s reward is being mostly postponed until his mental taint can be removed. I donated my share to the betterment of the residents of Stoneheart Valley, as I have no real use for vast wealth, and only truly desire to know anything I may learn. Ingrid Baldersdottir and Wulfir are still debating their reward. In the meantime, we found a battle-hardened dwarf that volunteered to come with us to clear the “creature” behind the wards.
Very powerful wards kept this “thing” contained, and we soon learned why. As soon as it saw our group, it began casting some sort of spell, which I was able to interrupt. The creature seemed to be some sort of bone demon, and proved to be highly resistant to our weapons, and very tough to damage with spells. Fortunately, we were able to.defeat it, but not without grave injuries to a number of our band, including our volunteer. More research and planning will be needed if we are to be successful against the more powerful threats still within the fortress.

The Fall of Tryggr

After a great final battle to clear the fallen temple of Tyr, a hero has gone to Valhalla. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson has left us, to feast with the AllFather, and wait for the final battle. Our group had withdrawn from the temple to rest and plan, and had headed back in for a final push to remove the necromancer from the depths of the temple. Upon reaching the stairwell down, Skald Fendralsdottir scouted into the area of darkness, to find what might have been hiding along the walls outside my sight. Ingrid Baldersdottir once again cleansed the spells from the foot of the stairs, revealing an orc within a magic-nullifying sphere, and an undead Wight waiting for us to approach. Our fighters moved to deal with the orc, and Skald engaged the Wight in combat. Both were quickly dispatched, despite Skald being drained of some of her health. Himo Meliamne took up the drum the orc had been carrying, after an alarm had been sounded, and began beating a recall signal. Ingrid Baldersdottir was able to restore Skald to health, and all seemed under control, when a pack of wargs and a grandmaster came into view, called by the initial drum alarm. Ingrid Baldersdottir again took command of the situation, and called forth a fireball to smite the pack. While doing grave damage to those foes, it alerted others in the cavern that all was not well, despite the drum’s current beating. A number of orc champions approached, and our situation seemed dire. However, judicious casting, mighty weapon-work, and cunning division of forces allowed us to avoid being overwhelmed. As the battle was coming under control once again, a huge chimera descended and threatened the party. A heroic stand among Skald Fendralsdottir, Tryggr Ulfhvatrson, Friðar Rockhurlerand Wulfir slew the fell beast within seconds of its appearance. That feat caused a pause among our enemies, enabling the party to retreat while Tryggr Ulfhvatrson opened the box from the priest tombs marked danger The resulting explosion wounded a number of foes and our brave Paladin, but allowed the group to consolidate in a better position. Right then, the Necromancer appeared in our midst and attacked Ingrid Baldersdottir as the gorgon which had escaped us earlier closed and loosed its paralyzing breath. Along with the Necromancer, an orc Warchief had entered the fray and all was looking dark for our brave band. Quick coordination and mighty attacks with weapons and spells sealed the doom for the monsters, but not before the Warchief in a final act, exerted himself fully to deal fatal wounds and a deathblow to valiant Tryggr. Greatly shall we miss him, but we rest assured he is content amongst the Einherjar until the end of days.

Down, down to Goblin town
Temple clearing - Thor and Tyr

Day 1 – part two

After finding out about the Wight, the newly expanded party moved to where it was laired. Skald Fendralsdottir was able to befriend the giant spider in one of the tunnels, and thus ensure that we had a safe path to the undead creature. A clear plan of attack and the turn undead power of Wulfir, our new cleric after Colborn Heilige der Odin was taken by Thor, meant that what could have been a very dangerous fight was a one-sided slaughter. Resting in the lair allowed us to completely loot the area, recovering a vast amount of wealth and a sword of building, which seems to be tied to various element is the temple. Skald argued for continuing through the complex to see what the sword might unlock. Heading further on, we found a row of cloaks on a huge wall of pegs, and Skald and myself took two cloaks to see what lay ahead. We discovered a clock-work minataur and a partially completed corridor, which I deliberately collapsed so it didn’t pose a threat to the party. The noise alerted the rest of the group who moved up to see what had happened. That caused the minataur to attack the members not wearing cloaks. The group was able to defeat the beast, but the additional time and commotion drew the attention of a number of ice goblins and dark dwarves. A pitched battle ensued, wherein almost the entire area was engulfed in dwarven fire. Additionally, the duegar brought a “thunder cannon”, a large stone tube which turns out shoots.lightning when the correct cadence is drummed on the end. Incorrect playing seems to have some random effects, such as causing Skald to grow, and Friðar Rockhurler to fly. Having defeated the ice goblins and duegar, the group went to rest and gather more information from the MountainHead.

Day Two

In further talks with the MountainHead, a small room full of runes appears to be a sort of “elevator” that connects to everywhere on the World Tree. After confirming how to deactivate the room (the dark dwarves used to do come I to the temple complex), we headed towards the sword Trygger is searching for. Along the way, we found a secret the sword of building Skald has would unlock. Inside was a mechanical dwarven warrior, who seemed to respond to simple commands, but was eager to attack “outsiders” After demonstrating that the group were all dwarf-friends, we alerted it to a room full of ice goblins around the corner, and sent it on its way. During the ensuing chaos, our group attacked and destroyed an “infirmary” for the ice goblins, and are moving further in towards the greatsword.

Rounding a corner of the corridor, we saw a large contingent of ice goblins and Trygger and Fridar waded into melee. An unseen voice chanted a spell, and the range part of the party was hit with an ice blast, which dropped three of our elf companions. My reflexive attack to being harmed meant that I saw the flickering outline of an invisible, flying goblin. As the fighters swiftly dealt with the goblin band, the ranged members healed our fallen comrades and continued the goblin attrition. A second ice blast dropped Trygger, Skald, and I, but revealed where the goblin caster had gone. Ingrid dispelled the goblin’s flight, which brought a puff of snow and a groan to locate him. A few Eldrich blasts and a nightly flurry of attacks from Fridar dispatched the caster and finally ended his invisibility spell. The rest of the band was quickly killed, and the group gathered weapons and other materials before falling back to rest in Natasha’s sanctuary. There we made plans for the five undead Gorgons Trygger had sensed behind a large ice wall. Gathering more information from Natasha, we developed a plan of attack for the Gorgons and the likely horde of other undead that could accompany them. The small hallway leading from the kitchens was blocked, and a line of rubble was strewn along the major corridor to funnel the attackers together. Among the debris, we hid a number of pots of dwarves fire to provide an area denial effect. The group also stationed the Thundercannon at the far end of the passage, to better hit the greatest number of enemies. Just as the first round of construction was complete, the ice wall shattered under the attack of the undead and battle was joined. Our preparations paid off with interest, as we were able to kill a large number of skeletons and zombies, as well as a Gorgon; before the attacking group retreated. We now put out our fires and pursue.

After suppressing the dwarven fire with Wulfir’s Sleet storm, we chased towards the retreating undead. However, the difficulties of the ice meant that the enemy was ready before we could press our advantage. As we neared the corner of the corridor, one of the gorgons rounded the bend and caught Friðar Rockhurler, Skald Fendralsdottir, and her familiar with its breath attack. Friday and Skald were able to ward off the effects, but the lynx alas succumbed to the horrible attack and was turned to stone. A number of spells were cast at the band of undead brave enough to challenge our party, and massive damage was wrought for the loss of the cat. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson and Dayg charged into melee with the remaining monsters, and the rest of the group hurried in support. Battle ensued, and though Dayg was sent back to Valhalla (a fairly regular occurrence it seems), the rest of the party emerged fairly unharmed – despite another breath attack from the gorgons. Additional Shatters and another discharge of the ThunderCannon served to deplete the undead ranks and our band was victorious. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson retrieved his desired greatsword, after triggering and resisting a final trap, and finding a number of statues which we plan to rescue and restore to life. While healing wounds and burning the undead, Ingrid Baldersdottir and myself investigated a downward stairwell and she dispelled a number of wards I discovered. Each banishing of a ward was met with the sounding of a horn, and soon a rush of approaching boots was heard. Deciding the retreat was the best course after our battle, we left the temple after a brief conversation with the mountainhead revealed a large band of orcs were responding to the horns. After getting the peg settings to set the “elevator” for Stoneheart Keep, the group departed to rest and plan for the next phase of our assault. The next morning showed a number of changes, mainly that orcs seemed to control the entrance to both temples, and are working to fortify their positions. This situation cannot be allowed, and thus day two will bring our wrath upon the vile and occupying orc forces.

Redeeming the fallen temples
Cleanin' and killin'

March 14

The orge band seems strong, and saw us at the same time we sw them. As wedrew back down the hill. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson transformed into a bad illthid, as I hid behind him to provide translation and spell-casting services. After prompting Trygger with proper phrasing for what we needed said, I cast Hex and Dissonant Whispers and drove the leader off. The second-in-command recognized the effect we were going for, and with a yell of “mind demon” convinced the rest of the group to also flee. Afterwards, Himo Meliamne and Skald Fendralsdottir followed the group, and saw the leader fall. Himo was spotted, but continued the charade that the illthid had controlled him; prompting the remainder of the group to continue to run. Having thus defeated the band, we continued towards Crimmor. Once in the town, we went to the local tavern; where we encountered a half-giant whom I bought a drink for. This was done in hopes of being friendly with the largest person in the bar, and it turned out to be the owner of the tavern, whom Tryggr Ulfhvatrson immediately challenged to an arm wrestling contest. These actions resulted in our being fairly popular in town despite our short time here so far. After carousing for the night, and learning a surprising amount of info about the area; Skald Fendralsdottir and I went to the neighboring borough after hearing rumors that the thegn knew something about the orchard we had encountered outside town. It turns out that Thieves runes? Chops? Marks? Don’t actually mean anything when written, they are more of an identifying pictograms. This was fascinating and seemed to upset Sale to talk about, so I might have to investigate it later. The then is the head of the local Guild that Skald seems to be involved with. He admitted to hiring the orc band leader, and was disappointed, but not overly surprised that the orcs had deviated from the provided instructions. We now have an additional task to bring the orcs band to heel and stop them preying upon the refugees and other travelers.

After canvassing the gown for information, we found that Lindriarog the Crone wanted troll guts if we managed to defeat Karigror. That would also provide the benefit the she would sell us sturge pots for cost; as opposed to the massive upcharge we were initially quoted when we asked about them. Additional information was gathered about the bandits and the group headed out the next day.

March 15
It was decided that we would look like a traveling merchant; with the majority of the party hiding in the wagon, with Himo Meliamne and Ingrid Baldersdottir posing as the merchants. We were hoping to draw out a number of the bandits; so that the camp would have fewer enemies; but we managed to draw almost the entire band. Himo was able to spot a planned ambush; and gave details on where bandits were hiding; thus allowing our group to reverse the trap and strike first. After driving Karigror off screaming; and Tryggr Ulfhvatrson compelling him back to fight before swiftly killing him; we were able to intimidate the rest of the band into surrender. That, coupled with the severed arm and pile of guts convinced the few remaining bandits at the camp to surrender as well, and to return peacefully to town. We looted the camp; and found a large stock of provisions and pilfered belongings that needed to be returned to their owners. Staying the night in the camp, we were approached by a band of dwarves sent by the Yarl to deal with the bandits. However, we were able to convince them we were not bandits; and that the threat was ended. he group returned to Crimmor with us; and there was much celebration.

March 19

After an uneventful trip back to Stoneheart Keep; we redeemed the troll’s albino arm for a pair of magic swords for Himo; and set out towards the north to try and cleanse the temples of Thor and Tyr of the various infestations plaguing the area. After a day of travel; I spotted a bright flash of light; and made a note of the direction and distance so that we could investigate in the morning. Upon the rest of the party waking, we broke camp and headed in the direction of the flash. Travelling that way proved difficult, and we were forced to take a number of steps to ensure our course did not stray. Eventually we discovered a hidden valley, protected by Illarda Moonglade – who welcomed us in after learning our identities. It turned out that the flash of light was Illarda summoning a handmaiden of Freya to serve as a general in the coming fight against the demon infestation to the south. Our group agreed to be part of the coming battle; after doing our best to clear the nearby temples. We were able to gather much useful information about the temples, and should be better prepared for what awaits us.

March 21

Upon arriving in the foothills of the mountains, we were attacked by a pair of displacer beasts, one of whom attempted to pounce upon Ingrid Baldersdottir. I was able to partially thwart that attack; but was grievously wounded as a result. My innate anger at being hurt; as well as the continuing Hex placed on the beast, allowed us to dispatch the first foe quickly. The second proved harder to deal with; as it employed the ability for which it was named. However, Himo Meliamne was able to draw attention to the correct monster, and Friðar Rockhurler and Tryggr Ulfhvatrson quickly put an end to the monster. Skald Fendralsdottir extracted the organs the creatures are thought to use to achieve their abilities, and our journey continued. We camped that night upon an overlook that afforded a view of both ruined temples, and the infestations of orcs and imps that trouble the area. It will be an interesting adventure to purge the area of evil; and will hopefully allow us to reap rich rewards. Tomorrow will tell.

March 22

After further inspection, we determined that the Greatsword Trygger is interested in recovering is in the temple to Thor, controlled by the ice goblins. Heading into the tunnel, Trygger activated a number of explosive glyphs that were protecting the entrance. The appeared to awaken some sort of fountain that generated skeletons every few seconds. Ingrid Baldersdottir used a new spell to cancel the magic, allowing us to continue. Investigating the upper level showed a large number of empty encrypts, with one small room still protected by some holy power. I was unable to enter, but Skald Fendralsdottir and Colborn Heilige der Odin went in and recovered a number of items that the party will use to help clear the temple. Descending further, we found evidence of a large swarm of Sturgis, which we drove off with some of the Sturgis pots from the battle wagon. We also discovered a dwarf-awarded storage room that looks like a good place to rest. Continuing through the temple, we found a MonutainHead. Literally a giant stone head that I can communicate with to learn about the temple complex. After discovering a number of “walls” of freezing purple mist, Trygger formed a plan to disguise himself as an ice goblin to try and get close to a witch that was also in the temple. Charging into the mist, he was lost from sight. Ingrid dispelled the purple haze, and the group followed the path Trygger must have taken. Small and myself advanced to see what me might find, and saw Trygger’s goblin form stunned, and the witch in the midst of casting. Hearing her warning to “have a care”, we attacked and came close to defeating her before she transformed into an ice elemental. During the battle we broke her summoning (or warding as it turned out) circle, and after nearly defeating her in that form as well, we negotiated a peace and co-operation treaty until “a month and a day after the return of spring.” It turns out that the Queen of Winter is missing, and unless she is killed by Baba Yaga, Spring will never return to the world. It also happened that the circle we broke was containing a Wight, which would soon be freed of additional wards the witch Natasha had emplaced.

Post-Tower Clean-up
Always more stuff than you'd think

March 10

After resting for the night, the group decided to see what the wizard tower might be hiding behind the doors the orcs considered dangerous. The first room seemed to have been used by the “chief” as a bedroom. Upon closer inspection, Tryggr Ulfhvatrson and Friðar Rockhurler found a hidden passage beneath the floor. After breaking apart a 5*5 block of stone, they opened a passage to a tunnel with warded doors and a continuation of the column of utter blackness from the outside tower above. Throwing in torches or items with Light cast upon them did nothing to alleviate the dark. Thus, without some way to see in the dark or some way to dispel the blackness; I don’t think we can explore this area much further. Checking the other tower, we found that the door was stuck. Forcing the door open must have disturbed something, because what turned out to be Phase Spiders appeared and attacked. After a brief but brutal battle, the spiders were killed or driven off after inflicting a number of brutal wounds on Tryggr and Friday, laying eggs in Fridar’s arm after biting him. After a casting of Cure Disease, Friðar Rockhurler was un-infested and no longer a nest for creatures from another dimension. After a brief rest, Skald Fendralsdottir and Rochal Skonlin went back to finish clearing the room; and discovered that the tower used to be the library. Hours of scraping and cleaning webs from the area later, the group extracted 132 books of mundane origin, but esoteric information. Scald claims to have a contact that can get the group a good price for this trove of knowledge. Just after the cleaning was done, a group from Fairchild came through, led by Shandril the Widow. The chalice was returned, and the group was promised a boon by Shandril. We asked to borrow a number of horses, to make transporting the books easier. The Captain of the soldiers was somewhat put out, but was overridden by Shandril. He relaxed somewhat after Colborn Heilige der Odin and Tryggr Ulfhvatrson promised to return the horses unharmed. Further investigation of the tower led to the discovery of a captive demon that was being held to be an information trove. Skald Fendralsdottir set it free with a promise to not bother the party or the town. This agreement created a rift with Tryggr Ulfhvatrson, which is creating strain.

March 11

After resting for the night, we headed out to make it back to town with our literary loot. Along the way, we were attacked by a pair of manticore (the details of which I forgot)) but which resulted in our killing one and capturing the other to give as a gift to the Thane. We stopped in Fairhill to sell the various extra weapons, equipment, and the books we looted. Funds were distributed and Tryggr Ulfhvatrson purchased a war wagon, which a number of us contributed to as it will almost certainly be beneficial for the group as a whole. We traveled to the Thane, who was overjoyed by her gift and another night of storytelling and rumor gathering ensued. After hearing tales of fallen temples north of Crimore, we decided to head that way and see if we can get more details. On the way, we saw a group of orges that we need to deal with.

The further journeys of Tryggr and Co.
Wandering in the woods and streams.

March 7
Ingrid Baldersdottir has taken a spot performing at the Drunken Troll and is acquiring a working knowledge of the immediate area around Fairhill. Skald Fendralsdottir has wrangled info of an abandoned wizard lair. Rochal Skonlin went out to talk up our group and wound up winning a pile of cash from Stefan Arlenson and found out that Shandril the Widow was part of a love triangle with the deceased wizard and a woman named Gethrame. Shangri cursed the other two which resulted in the wizard’s death and altering Gethrame to become Gethrame the Crone. Friðar Rockhurler tried to discover more about his condition and found that the town is sorely lacking in mystic knowledge. Lasha Vasilievna told Frithar about a potential group of witches that journeyed to the valley and never returned. Krimmore is rumored to be a cesspit. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson wound up carousing with Sirya Arlensdottir and being asked to deal with giants raiding Uldrinson’s farm just outside of town. The giants are said to live in a cave in the mountains to the Northwest of town, and a bounty of 500 gp for the return of the kidnapped farm boy. Himo Meliamne found posted notice of bandit activity along the road the group came through, with a 25gp bounty per head; with a potential magical axe as a reward for routing the entire camp. During the reconnaissance trip towards the wizard tower, they met Illarda Moonglade who informed the band that orcs are using the tower as a base. That evening was spent plotting the best way to take out a patrol of a dozen or so orcs without being overrun.

March 8
Planning went well and the band decided on a number of concentric semi-circles of ditches and chokelines. Valanthe Nightmeadow agreed to act as prey for the hunting party, and did a wonderful job occurring the group of 8 orcas towards the prepared defenses. Skald Fendralsdottir seems to have acquired a “pet” lynx and they set up a tree ambush outside the defined camp perimeter. Tryggr Ulfhvatrson was convinced of the utility of attempting to deceive the orcs and had his team of servants present to be helpless to provide further incentive for the orcs to charge. Himo Meliamne kept the leader occupied while the rest of the group took care of the strictly mêlée members of the hunting party. The trip hazards proved particularly effective, and coupled with a Sleep spell from Ingrid Baldersdottir, the orc party was dispatched without too much trouble. After settling in for the evening, the band was awakened by Himo Meliamne to a swarm of Sturgis attacking the camp. A number of the members were attacked, and brought low, but a timely Thunderwave from Ingrid Baldersdottir greatly thinned the swarm, and turned the tide of the battle. The surviving monsters were quickly eliminated, and a peaceful night’s slumber was finally attained.

March 9
After making sure our camp remained secure, the group headed towards the wizard tower to hopefully prevent the desecration of the sacred bowl belonging toShandril the Widow. Not having heard back from Flor Stormspindle before we left, we were forced to consider his capture or betrayal of our plans to the orcs. Upon reaching the tower, a brief scouting trip showed a number of fallen sections of battlements with skulls placed on stakes within the gaps. Most of the party decided to stay near the largest gap (on the right side when facing the main gate). , disguised as one of the slain orcs hunters, and an invisible Friðar Rockhurler, with Valanthe Nightmeadow in fox form as a contribution to the stewpot; approached the main gate. A somewhat disjointed conversation/charades performance ensued, with Friðar Rockhurler providing a running translation of what the orc was saying. It seems the main gate broken, and Tryggr Ulfhvatrson was to go arou d to the far side, where Skald Fendralsdottir was lurking. Upon crossing into the gap on that side of the tower, the skulls sounded an alert and became full skeletons, while launching an attack on Valanthe Nightmeadow. Friðar Rockhurler maintained his invisibility and Tryggr Ulfhvatrson played off confusion to make it farther into the center of the encampment. Valanthe Nightmeadow fled towards the woods while Skald Fendralsdottir loosed a fire arrow into the cluttered interior of the keep, setting a number of tents alight. During this confusion, Rochal Skonlin struck out at the orcs sentry closest to the larger gap where the rest of the group was hiding. The spell drove the sentry shrieking into the camp, further adding to the confusion. As soon as Rochal Skonlin stepped into the clearing near the keep, the skull sentries on that side activated; and began their attack. That caused an orcs “chief” to head out towards the group as well. Not anticipating the speed at which orcs can charge,Colborn Heilige der Odin was attacked and felled by the orcs chief in a single blurring movement. Coordinated effort by Himo Meliamne, Ingrid Baldersdottir, Rochal Skonlin, and Oleg Snorrason/Gef Stijnen/Timoshkin Ustinov brought down the orcs chief with no further casualties. However, that fight was perilous and fraught with danger. During this, Tryggr Ulfhvatrson and Friðar Rockhurler worked close to the actual orcs chief, whom Tryggr Ulfhvatrson attacked and felled, thus becoming the new chief. However, his reign was short-lived, as he was attacked by the other orcs after entering the room where the desecration ceremony was taking place. The new orcs chief was taken out by an orc hunter atop the ceremony room, thus becoming the fourth new chief in as many minutes. Friðar Rockhurler attacked the orc shaman performing the desecration ritual, taking him down single-handed, but being previously wounded in the battle. While the struggle for the sacred bowl was on-going, Skald Fendralsdottir and Valanthe Nightmeadow killed a number of skeletons and orcs, helping clear the interior of the keep, while the rest of the party cleared it from the other side. It was a close fight, but all orcs and skeletons were dispatched with any permanent losses among the group. After dettlng in to rest, the party has determined to see what the rest of the tower holds tomorrow.

The Adventure Begins


The characters are hired by Cnut Corianson with promise of payment in pearls to follow Vortigern the Black Eagle, who has killed Cnut’s father and stolen Corian’s Runecarver, a magical item of some power, and recover the Runecarver. Cnut believes that Vortigern is heading to Stoneheart Valley, where he suspects Vortigern has either arranged to sell the Runecarver, or Vortigern may be intending to fortify himself and begin using the Runecarver himself.

March 1: The party sets forth from Jol. Though it is spring, and the lands within a day of the city are all cultivated, with tiny thorpes every couple of hours, the continuing snows have kept the planting season to begin in earnest. A full day’s walk from Jol there is a small village, and the characters spend the night in the steading.

March 2: Within a few hours walk today, the characters are in the wilderness, and the condition of the road deteriorates sharply. King Opir Eightfingers doesn’t seem to be spending the coin he is taking in taxes to maintain the Kingdom. Snow again in the afternoon, and the cold clings. A watch schedule was established, and Content Not Found: tryggr and his hirelings began carrying out his nightly preparation of digging a trench – one shovelful wide and one shovelful deep – around the camp, to potentially trip any night attackers.

March 3: Snow again in the afternoon. If Cnut is wrong about Vortigern’s intended destination, then he is gone – because tracking him through falling snow proves to be an impossibility. He is too far ahead, and whatever tracks he was leaving are completely covered by the fresh snowfall.

March 4: Just before dawn, the characters first encounter in the wilderness occurs. Seven goblins, blue skinned and lightly clothed, attacked the party just before dawn. Content Not Found: caltan_ was on watch, and the power of Odin amplified the alarm he rung out, so the party reacted quickly, and the goblin attack was ended before any of the chargers were ever able to enter the camp. _Content Not Found: tryggr showed no mercy to the goblins, forcing one that was fleeing to a magically compelled duel. Tryggr, bare chested, threw down his sword and beat the goblin to death with his own hands. His bravado was not without danger; he took a deep spear wound and nearly fell himself. The characters collected the goblin’s weapons: some spears and javelins and a few shortbows, as well as a few handfuls of copper and silver coins.

March 5: The snow continues to fall in the afternoons, and the night is interrupted once more. This time, in the middle of the night, two Leucrattas attempt to make the party their prey, but quick thinking by Rochal Skonlin forced the one who had a boy as a hostage to magically flee – just long enough for the boy to quickly hide. The other tore into the camp, first felling Rochal, then Caltan, and finally Tryggr. Cnut and Tryggr’s henchmen proved brave, staunching the bleeding and getting the three who had fallen back into the fight. Friðar Rockhurler proved himself to be a heavy sleeper – combat was well underway before he was finally roused. He also proved himself thus far forgiving, as he even in the midst of a rage did not turn on Cnut when a firebolt spell went wide, and struck the dwarven barbarian. Thoughout the fight, Himo Meliamne kept the Leucratta that had been forced to flee tied up in a cat and mouse game of deception in the woods. This allowed the part to fight the beasts one at a time rather than together, which many involved feel kept the encounter from turning disastrous. When the leucrattas fell, the game came to a close as Friðar began to skin them, as their hides bristled with hairs as strong as iron, and the rest of the party turned their attention to the boy that was their hostage.

March 6: After hearing the story of Gunnar (the boy we rescued); we head Northeast to try and find what razed his village. After tracking a band of orcas to know what direction they were heading, we returned to the road and continued our journey. Once we arrived in Stoneheart Valley, we met the new Warden and got an overnight introduction to the notable inhabitants of the valley during a night of epic dwarf drinking. The next morning we continued on to the village of Fairhill. After talking to numerous people within town, we had narrowed the potential location of the Vortigern the Black Eagle to the Great house serving as an inn for humans and very select Demi-humans.

March 6 – part 2
Tryggr Ulfhvatrson stormed into the inn with Cnut Corianson and Colborn Heilige der Odin and immediately accuse Vortigern the Black Eagle of murder, theft, and various other ill deeds. Vortigern began to cast what seemed to be a necromantic spell, which Ingrid Baldersdottir took exception to that and cast a spell revealing Vortigern’s eagle familiar to be an Imp. Tryggr stepped forward and smote Vortigern with a mighty punch, laying him prone and producing a loud thunderclap of rebuke. The fight continued from there, with Tryggr taking a large amount of cold damage as well as being blinded. After a number of rounds of combat, the Imp was dispatched by Rochal Skonlin‘s Dissonant Whispers. Shandril the Widow restored Tryggr’s sight and told the group of the existence of the Monastery of Standing Stones.

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